Help section

On this page you will find all the necesary information about the site functionality. will help you find lots of ads in Argentina. To search for ads you will have to complete the search form on the top section of the page. This form has two fields: what? and Where?

You must fill the What? search field with the company name or activity you want to search for. The Where? field should contain the locality or province where you want the advertiser to be.

What? field can not be left blank. You will be prompt to enter at least three caracters. If the Where? field is left empty, the search will be done for all locations available.

Once you have filled in the What? and Where? fields you must click the Search button. After that the result list will be shown.

Example: We fill in the What? field with "abogado" and the Where? field with "Ciudad de Buenos Aires".

There is a special service called Suggest. This service will offer suggestions, both for What? and Where? fields. After you have typed the third letter, the service will display a list of suggestion for you to choose from.

The Suggest service is both available for the What? and Where? search fields.

The suggest service for the What? field will offer suggestions in two columns. The first column will have keywords. The second one will offer company names. As you type ahead more and more caracters the service will narrow suggestions to match the text entered.

For example:

The user types "tran" into theWhat are you searching for? and the Suggest service will show:

  • Transportes de Carga
  • Transportes
  • Transportes de Ganado
  • Transporte Libertador SA
  • Transporte de Autos Saenz
  • Transporte Paolini

The Suggest service will offer localities and provinces on the Where? search field.

When you type "San j" into the Where? search field, the Suggest service will show you:

  • Aldea San José
  • Colonia San José
  • San Juan
  • Entre Ríos
  • Buenos Aires